Martina Simpkins

Martina Simpkins is a partner of Schmitz Global Partners LLP, providing strategic, legal and policy advice to corporate clients with a special focus on transatlantic regulatory issues, media/telecommunications, energy and natural resources, pharmaceuticals, financial services, international trade, and foreign investment. She has represented Fortune 50 corporations with global operations, as well as start-up venture companies and European businesses and business associations operating in the United States.

Recent client representations have included developing strategic relationships in the transatlantic publishing community on digital policy issues for a major U.S. technology company, advising a large U.S. telecom company on international trade and patent issues, advising the German subsidiary of a major U.S. pharmaceutical company on German policy and regulatory developments, assisting a leading U.S. business association with high-level policy meetings in Germany, monitoring transatlantic financial regulatory developments for the U.S. subsidiary of a major German financial institution, and monitoring U.S. health and safety requirements for a German business association. In addition, Ms. Simpkins has advised major U.S. financial services, technology and consumer products companies on WTO/international trade matters, and US-EU regulatory and policy developments.

Ms. Simpkins is fluent in English, German and Spanish, and has a working command of French. Prior to being named partner at Schmitz Global Partners LLP, Ms. Simpkins was an International Legal Advisor with Gray & Schmitz LLP from 2009 to 2011. She had previously been a member of Mayer Brown LLP's Government and Global Trade Practice from 2001 to 2009. Between 1998 and 2000, Ms. Simpkins completed her German legal training program (Referendariat) which included internships with the Saarbrücken District Court and District Attorney's Office, the Parliament of Saarland, and, in Washington, D.C., the offices of Mayer Brown LLP and General Electric International Law & Policy. Ms. Simpkins is admitted to practice in New York, and Frankfurt, Germany.


LL.M. International Law, George Washington University Law School (2004). J.D., University of Saarland, Germany (1998). European Law Studies, Universidad Autónoma , Madrid, Spain (1994/1995).


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