Our team provides companies strategic advice on potential and pending antitrust/competition investigations and cases and has worked with government regulators and policymakers both in Washington, DC and in Brussels. We place special emphasis on developing third-party allies, building coalitions of interested stakeholders to positively influence the outcome of investigations for our clients.


We have advised a range of leading U.S. and European media, telecommunications and high-tech companies on strategic intellectual property questions, with a special focus on patents and copyrights for digital content. Our experience further includes advocating for litigation and regulatory reform, as well as work on international transactions and licensing issues and antitrust/competition cases.

Financial Services

In the financial services sector, our team has developed broad expertise on financial regulatory reform efforts both in the United States (in particular implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act) and in the European Union in the wake of the financial crisis, focusing specifically on the divergence of regulations affecting the banking, insurance and investment sectors. We also have a long track record of helping organize business coalitions focused on securities litigation and financial services sector reform.


Our lawyers advise companies on both sides of the Atlantic on US, EU-level and German laws and regulations affecting innovative research-based pharmaceutical companies especially in the areas of reimbursement and intellectual property protection. We have worked extensively with US and European experts on health and innovation to shape domestic and international policy and to encourage transatlantic cooperation with respect to health policy issues affecting R&D based pharmaceutical companies.


Working with companies in the biotech/agriculture and chemical sectors, our lawyers have specialized on regulatory reform and energy, health, and environmental policy issues. Our strengths in this area include helping clients navigate the diverging regulatory environments in the EU and US and working within our network of contacts which includes environmental NGOs, business coalitions and think tanks.

Energy and Environment

Dating back to John Schmitz' role as Deputy White House Counsel in formulating the U.S. Clean Air Act amendments of 1990, our team has developed broad expertise in matters related to energy security, energy efficiency, biofuels, EPA regulation, climate change and emissions trading. Working within our network of contacts in government and environmental NGOs, we specialize in building coalitions to advance forward-thinking policies and engaging with policymakers and influential energy/environmental experts. Our goal is to help clients maximize business opportunities by actively shaping the policy environment in which they operate as well as to help them strategically adapt their business models to existing or potential legislation and regulation.